Secrets of SunParasol

Secrets of SunParasol



SUN PARASOL® plants (mandevilla hybrid) are part of the well known and trusted Colourwave® collection of flowering plants.  Sun Parasol plants were first introduced almost 10 years ago, and have since grown to become a leading favourite with gardeners and landscapers across Australia.

The Secrets of SUN PARASOL have taken almost 20 years to unlock.......and now the secret is out!  SUN PARASOL plants have surprised gardeners around the world, and reinvented the usefulness and beauty of climbing plants.

SUN PARASOL plants come in three groups:

  • PRETTY: this group has flowers 50-75mm in diameter, has a excellent climbing ability under both sun and shade conditions, and  has shown to be reasonably tolerant to cooler temperatures.
  • CLASSIC: this group has flowers up to 75mm in diameter; can be used as a low growing shrub (if grown under full sun) reaching a height of approximately 1 meter, or as a climbing plant if grown under shaded conditions.
  • GIANT: this group has flowers up to 125mm in diameter and has a vigorous climbing habit under both shade and full sun  conditions.


  • SUN PARASOL plants have been developed by the innovative plant breeding company Suntory Flowers Ltd. located in Japan. Suntory bred the very popular MILLION BELLS®, SENETTI® and KAZARI® plants, which are part of the Colourwave® collection.

    The secret of SUN PARASOL Crimson Fantasy (Classic type) is that it's the first genuine crimson flowering sanderi that stays true to color. It also has better branching, than older sanderi varieties, and is easy to cultivate in Australia.

    SUN PARASOL has now been in Australia since spring 2000, and is opening up landscaping applications for this beautiful plant. It has now become a firm favourite thanks to its rich and long lasting flowers, excellent garden performance and easy care nature.