Secrets of SunParasol

Secrets of SunParasol

General care

Planting care

(Light, temperature)
Sun Parasol loves warmth and plenty of sunlight and is an easy grower in these conditions. Temperatures below 70C will cause poor growth especially if the plant is outdoors, it is not cold tolerant. The plant can be overwintered inside if protected from the cold, it is likely to go out of flower until the spring and may shed foliage to help it go through the winter. With the shortening days during autumn long shoots will grow, these can be trimmed lightly in the autumn or trained on a support system. These shoots in the spring and summer will provide the flower buds for the next season flowers so do not remove or cut back hard in the spring.
General care

The potting soil needs to be free draining with soil conditioner added.

Red Spider Mite and Mealy Bug are the biggest problem, contact your local garden store for up to date chemical control methods.

Fusarium and Cercospora are the biggest problem, contact your local garden store for control methods.

(Over winter)
Be sure to pay attention to the watering, do not over water it is best to keep it on the dry side, until spring, then increase the watering to encourage growth.

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