Secrets of SunParasol

Secrets of SunParasol


Pretty Crimson

Pretty Pink

Crimson Fantasy

Giant Crimson

Giant Pink

Giant White

It is stated for any users that any images and the Sun Parasol® logo/trade mark can only be used for sales, advertising, and promotion of the "Sun Parasol®" collection and its personal use. If it is used for sales and promotion, particularly labels and any other p.o.s., Permission from Suntory Flowers Ltd is required.

These images may not be sold, released or used by any 3rd party without the permission in writing from Suntory Flowers Ltd, any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
It is a requirement when using the trade mark of Sun Parasol®, and its images no reproduction can be used without the use of the trade mark alongside it, and is to be identical in size as.
It is prohibited to damage the reputation of the Sun Parasol® trade mark when ever its services and products are used.